The Colours of Life

The Colours of Life Cover
1. La Vie (The Dance of Life)
2. Bali Sunrise (The Joy of Life)
3. Ganga (The River of Life)
4. Mountains of Karma (The Wheelof Life)
5. Paradise - Bonustrack from
    "Musicfor Paradise"

Total Time 59:44

p+© 1988 by IC/DigItMusic GmbH  710.076

The Colours Of Life ist die reinste Magie. Sowie man sich intensiv auf die Musik einlässt, bekommt man das Gefühl, in eine völlig andere Welt einzutauchen....sehr ergreifende und tiefgründige Musik!
Ein Klassiker von MOM.
Rating: ****
Style: Contemporary Instrumental

'Mind over Matter' is the brainchild of Klaus Hoffmann-Hoock, and he plays nearly all the instruments with a few guest appearances along the way. He uses a variety of synthesizer keyboards and samplers, supplemented by acoustic and electric guitars. Several of these cuts have received airplay on 'Music from the Hearts of Space', especially "Being One" and "One Being," two of the four bonus tracks on this hour-long CD.
Long passages through floating territories transport the listener to faraway figments of one's imagination, with lingering melodies carried by solid underpinnings and rhythmic layerings. The voice tracks are more for effect than as actual vocal parts, and they serve to expand an already far-reaching odyssey.

Backroads Music/Heartbeats, All Music Guide
Hark ! The buzzin´ from Deutschland seems to be incraesing. Mind over Matter is quite unknown to me but I guess I must get myself some of their previous records. Klaus Hoffmann Hoock is playing not only a wide variety of electronic equipment, but also different kinds of guitars plus effects and a balian bamboo-phone. The record starts with Klaus´ baby´s good natured glides a sophisticated synthesized carpet of sounds, calm french talk...the record rolls on easily, but colourfully. A nice set of percussion is included and voices of an elephant. A recommended, enchanting soundscape, don´t miss it. (übersetzt aus dem Finnischen)

RUMBA 1/89 (Finnland)
Zu der 1988 veröffentlichten LP / CD "The Colours of Life" wurde Klaus Hoffmann-Hoock durch die Geburt seines Sohnes inspiriert. Persönliche Eindrücke, Gedanken und Gefühle zum Themenkreis "Leben" verarbeitete der Künstler zu einer musikalischen Brücke zwischen Geburt und Tod, zwischen Freude und Melancholie, zwischen Ausgelassenheit und mystischer Tiefe. Seine Musik besticht durch ihre verhaltene Fröhlichkeit und Ruhe, die von innen her glüht und harmonisch-warm pulsiert.


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