Live in Concert at Lünen

Live in Concert at Lünen Cover
01. Intro / Pilgrims of Eternity 9:09

02. In a Mogul's Garden 10:18

03. Children of the Midnight 24:42

04. Rainy Kathmandu 10:43

05. Jack the Bear 7:43

06. Journey to Eternity 22:17

07. Ganga 11:21

Total Time: 96:14

2006 - Heart & Mind, HaM 102 DVD

Here is a superb audio-visual document on a band which had its word to say in the evolution of EM, Berlin School style, a very good numeric transfer from a video recording of a 1994 concert. Stereo sound with images of an impressive clearness for the area, this DVD does not offer any supplement, on the other hand the sound is very good, the image is very beautiful and the concert lasts over 90 minutes, PAL format and readable in all areas, which is an excellent initiative. Plans are sober and frame the three musicians with flexibility without penetrating too much in their spaces.

The concert offers an excellent set list with few special effects. There is fog, here and there, which takes the color of lightings learnedly used. The musicians brilliantly interpret the titles of a well known MOM repertory from this area, thus two new titles with Indian character. Moreover it is a sober concert, impregnated of Hindu spirituality, where a magician, a priestess and a dancer come picturesque in some theatrical acts, which seem to be in relation to this religion.

The concert opens on a foggy stage with dark orange colors. A drum roll and a lugubrious voice announce Mind Over Matter. A big organ extends its apocalyptic waves on a tortuous guitar, blowing the first breaths of 'Pilgrims of Eternity', a title which is more close to space psychedelic rock, rather than EM.

The Hindu breaths synth is superb. Klaus Hoffmann-Hoock is in great shape and the loops of his solos, mixing with the fuzz buzz effects, release an atmosphere very close to the psychedelic area of Ashra Temple.

Ebullient moments that exposed the musical image of MOM like 'Children of the Midnight', 'Jack the Bear' and 'Journey to Eternity' are explosive and superbly interpreted, heavy titles, faithful to sonorities of their respective albums. 'Jack the Bear' is a little different, because the sax is replaced by the keyboards, whereas the voice of Dagi is very close to her staggering performance in studio. 'In a Mogul's Garden' and 'Rainy Kathmandu' are the two new titles and are soaked in the environment of the Indian religion, two light titles with suave and nimble tablas on a background powdered with the beautiful breaths flutes. 'Ganga' closes the show on an Asian atmosphere, where prayers and meditations are done on stage with Dagi and the dancer Sally Sales. Klaus Hoffmann-Hoock shows his dexterity by handling strange wind instruments, by moment's very heteroclite, in a celestine atmosphere.

'Mind Over Matter Live in Concert at Lünen' is a good DVD which shows a group in full rise, impossible to circumvent for any fan of MOM, a group which innovated by bringing an Indian breath to a progressive electronic music. There is perhaps no supplement, but the music, admirably well reconstituted, is quite simply superb. It is an excellent concert, well captured and transferred perfectly on DVD that I recommend without hesitations. A great document from the depth of the Progressive EM area.

Sylvain Lupari, 'Guts of Darkness', Canada 11/2006

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