Indian Meditation II

Indian Meditation II Cover
1. Crossing Jamuna River 10:26
2. Maha Ganga 13:00
3. Land of Bliss 13:37
4. Sathapthi Express 7:01
5. Shiva Shakti 7:05
6. Paradiso 6:04

All titles composed, played and produced by MIND OVER MATTER

a release of da music, a member of PALLAS Group
CD 873068-2
"Was aus Asien herüberwehte, war mir von Jugend an vertrauter als vieles von hier", gesteht Klaus Hoffmann-Hoock, der Mann hinter MIND OVER MATTER. Wer in seiner Musik das Lebensgefühl von Rishikesh und dem heiligen Fluss Ganges so gut herüberbringt, obwohl er in Deutschland lebt, der muss Indien tief in sich spüren. MIND OVER MATTER - der Geist formt die materielle Welt, die Melodie beherrscht den Klang, der individuelle Ausdruck übersteigt das Klischee, melodische Linien auf einer Reise durch den Ambient-Space. Von seinen mehr als dreißig Asienreisen bringt Klaus immer wieder Originaltöne und Stimmungen mit: Friedensbotschaften eines Stammeshäuptlings im 'Goldenen Dreieck', gesprochene Mantras indischer Saddhus, das Chanten von Shiva-Pilgern in Benares oder trompetende Elefanten im burmesischen Dschungel. Alle diese Naturgeräusche und Stimmen sind mit filigranen Rhythmen zu einem magischen Gewebe verflochten - ein fließender, dynamischer Raum voller Klänge und Gefühle.

"I've always felt more at home with what came blown across from Asia than what I have found here", says Klaus Hoffmann-Hoock, the man behind MIND OVER MATTER. Of course, someone who can convey the feel of Rishikesh and the river Ganges in his music so well while living in Germany must have India deep inside of him. MIND OVER MATTER literally means: the spirit overcomes the material, melodies control sounds, stillness within movement, a meditative journey through 'Ambient-Space'. From his more than thirty journeys to Asia Klaus brings home lots of voices and sounds: a tribal chief's peace message, mantric prayers from Indian Saddhus, chants of Shiva pilgrims at Benares or elephants trumpeting in the Burmese jungle. All these voices and sounds are interwoven with filigreed rhythmic patterns and form a flowing dynamic space full of sound and feeling.
As the first album "Indian Meditation" was a big seller for the label, a second album under the same moniker was compiled by Klaus Hoffmann-Hoock.

Apart from one track from the album "On the Wings of the Wind", all tracks on this CD are actually previously unreleased. The six tracks on this album are also quieter compared to the previous volume, still nicely implementing Indian soundscapes into MoM's mesmerizing music.

All in all "Indian Meditation II" is an album of deep impressions and mystic quietness, painting the beautiful impact from various Indian landscapes, its culture, people and religion, putting the human mind to rest for sure.

Bert Strolenberg / Sonic Immersion
If ever there was a CD that does exactly what it says on the tin, it's this one. Mind Over Matter is none other than Klaus Hoffmann-Hoock, and for some of you out there, this is going to be the perfect antidote to celebrity driven nonsense on TV, Christmas shopping, New Year sales, office party hangovers, and indeed any kind of stress whatsoever. This CD is so laid back and relaxing that it's a wonder that it doesn't come with its own gauge to test your blood pressure at the beginning and at the end!

There are six pieces of electronic bliss, and to review them separately would be a complete waste of time. I can do no better than refer to the sleeve notes and to the CD's title, which make the purpose of this release quite clear. Fans of Steve Roach in particular and Vidna Obmana (especially if you liked his 'Soundtrack for the Aquarium') will also find much to enjoy here. For me, I thought it wonderful, especially with my headphones on and there is the occasional percussive and electronic effect to keep you from completely nodding off.

The overall impression of this CD is one of peace and tranquillity, and 57 minutes of that in this day and age are beyond price.

SJS /GB 2007
Collectors of the works of Klaus Hoffmann-Hoock, who releases albums under his own name but also as Mind over Matter (MoM) and Cosmic Hoffmann, will rejoice as he has released a new album in late 2006. Fans of Klaus' music basically have little worries, as his releases are of a constant high quality. But also quantity-wise his fans have nothing to complain: in the years 2004-2006 Klaus released three albums: the amazing MoM-album On the Wings of the Wind, the MoM compilation Indian Meditation and the Cosmic Hoffmann CD Electric Trick.

The new CD Indian Meditation II offers a true surprise, as one would expect a compilation of previously released material (which was the case with six of the eight tracks on the first Indian Meditation CD). However, apart from one track from On the Wings of the Wind all tracks are released here for the first time. Maha Ganga (a rearranged version of Ganga - The River of Life), Paradiso (part of the 1987 classic epic Paradise) and Sathapthi Express were all recorded live during a concert in December Düsseldorf in 2002. He was accompanied by his musical friends Stephen Parsick (a brilliant e-musician in his own right), Joseph Götz and Peter Jörgens. Land of bliss, co-written with flute player Volker Kuinke, is a track left over from the On the Wings of the Wind sessions. Shiva Shakti is probably one of the finds in Klaus' archive. All tracks are quiet and peaceful, intended for meditation.

Perry Moree (NL) 1/2007
Inspired by the reactions and the receptions for 'Indian Meditation' last year, Klaus Hoffmann-Hoock comes back with a continuation, 'Indian Meditation 2'. This second compilation reflects Klaus' comfort for the Hindu religion and all the quietude which surrounds this mythical belief.

'Crossing Jamuna River' is a slow sinuous movement, as quiet as a river in the absence of wind. The synthetic breaths moult on the subtle oscillations of the flutes, with sonorities as various as limpid, which flood the atmosphere of brief melodious songs. Sitar chords cross its breaths of harmony on a linear movement which undulates delicately on a sea of drones, resulting from the reverberations of one static synthesizer.

The waving bass of 'Maha Ganga' recalls the structure of 'Ganga' from MoM's CD 'Colours of Life'. A soft title initiated by celestial choirs, low flutes and native percussions. The title progresses on a beautiful sitar, a melodious flute and beautiful soft tam tam, as bewitching as the sensuality of the bass line.

'Land of Bliss' is a long floating movement on a synth with a delicate permutation in the tone and oscillations.

'Sathapthi Express' progresses on a more alive tempo. Keys are flying on a dense movement where thick layers float with magnetism on acoustic bass and percussions, an intense title to a delicate fluctuating serpentine movement.

With 'Shiva Shakti' heavy synthetic pads float in a continuous drone which comes from the crossings of those pads, the gongs and reverberations of the circular waves. An intense and sad title which recalls us that beauty belongs only to the eyes which see it.

'Paradiso' is a superb extension of 'Being Home Again' from 'Colours of Life': a slow and suave tempo with beautiful ascending bass and a wrapping synthesizer which harmonizes the present to the past. 'Paradiso' is a superb track that increases in intensity on pads with benevolent breaths.

Definitely quieter than volume 1 'Indian Meditation 2' does not remain less melodious. The atmospheres are dense; thanks to this multitude of floating pads whose reverberations introduce secondary movements, to astonishing turnings. Omnipresent Mellotrons exploit a multitude of magic and bewitched flutes, on superb layers with the orchestral arrangements which always make sigh of nostalgia.

Sylvain Lupari, 'Guts of Darkness', Canada 12/2006

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